About me

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“I’m Kay James, interior designer, and my work is about helping you get the best out of your home.”


Although I learned the fundamentals of design through professional study, my real knowledge and expertise came from the best training of all: renovating each of the houses that my family and I have lived in over the years. 

I’ve always found it fascinating how different colours, textures and materials can come together to evoke emotion; to create a feeling of calm, or happiness, or inspiration. And I love being able to share this passion with wonderful clients every day – creating rich, inviting spaces. I enjoy coming up with clever colour schemes and nifty tricks that will help make life just that little bit easier and just that little bit more beautiful. And most of all I love to help you find your natural style and finally feel truly at home.



“It’s important to me that the homes I create are not just beautiful, but they stand up to real life too.”

As a busy professional and mum to a teen, I’ve learned that creating the perfect home is about more than just matching fabrics and designing lighting schemes. It’s about the practicalities too. There’s no point in creating an elegant home only to find it’s ruined the moment you try to use it.

That’s why I go above and beyond to get the details just right. For instance, when I chose a new carpet for my lounge, I took some of my black Labrador’s fur with me, so I could check it wouldn’t show up too badly. To me that’s what true interior design is all about. And it’s an ethos that my clients truly appreciate.

“I strongly believe that a professional designer is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to renovating your home.”

Working with me is like having a good friend with insider knowledge. One who can help you work out exactly the style you want and how to get it, without letting you get carried away.



If you are spending £20,000 on a new kitchen or even more on an extension, it makes sense to invest a small fraction of that on someone like me, an interior designer who can make sure you actually get the results you’re after.

First time. Without adding any extra stress or overwhelm to the renovation project.

Not only that, but you might find that a professional perspective (and a hand-holder!) helps you make the bold choices you’ve secretly always wanted to make but were too afraid to try.

To find out more about how I can help you, have a look at the interior design services I offer or get in touch for a chat.


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